World Première at Sea for Hublot!

World Première at Sea for Hublot!

World Première at Sea for Hublot!

Lang Lang gives an exclusive concert on the  largest cruise ship on the planet

It is middle of Summer! The diaries of the Swiss watchmaker and the talented pianist are booked up. Stopping off from his world tour, with more than 80 dates, and after three private concerts for Hublot in Porto Cervo, in St. Tropez and in Dalian, Lang Lang gave a unique concert on the Quantum of the Seas. The most exclusive concert on the planet with over an hour of improvisation for moments that will last forever. 

Like a real rock star, the 33 year old virtuoso has conquered the word of music in its broadest sense. Ultra-talented. Acclaimed by audiences throughout the world. Each of his shows is a real event. With his trendy look, his talent and his generosity, he transcends classical music and blends every tempo.

His passion makes the young man tireless. He has boundless energy and takes pleasure in sharing his music and emotions. It would appear that he has more in common with Hublot than first meets the eye. Lang Lang is audacious and sets out to surprise. No repertoire is beyond him. This on stage phenomenon has followed an atypical route to stardom and he has a sparkling and generous personality whose aura melds perfectly with the Hublot philosophy.

Back in 2006, he played at the opening ceremony of the Football World Cup, the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Today he gave an exclusive concert on the largest cruise ship in the World, the Quantum of the Seas, of Royal Caribbean.

Ricardo Guadalupe shared, “2015 is continuing to be an exciting year for Hublot. Today, we are thrilled to partner together with Royal Caribean to a unique and exclusive concert of our Ambassador Lang Lang aboard the Quantum of the Seas. After 3 private concerts in Europe and China, we are excited to continue our relationship with this talented virtuoso artist, and to honor him here today. I am proud that Lang Lang has chosen Hublot.”

Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot CEO, and Rick de la Croix, Hublot Global Travel Retail President, invited guests to celebrate the opening of Hublot’s new official boutique at sea aboard the superlative Quantum of the Seas. It has become a must for luxury brands to establish a real and credible presence in the very high-end cruise ship segment, for which the Quantum of the Seas is without a doubt the reference. Inaugurating this Hublot boutique naturally follows through on our commitment to discerning customers the world over and to being present where they are. After the Caribbean last year, the Quantum of the Seas will

this year make a tour departing Shanghai on August 8th and stopping by Nagasaki on August 10th before heading back to Shanghai on August 13th.


The world music star Lang Lang has been a part of the Hublot family since January 2015.The ChineseAmerican chose the Swiss watchmaker as they have a lot in common. Like him, it respects tradition but looks to the future. A philosophy based on the credo “The Art of Fusion”. A Fusion of styles and techniques. They both master the biggest complications and the operating ranges. His is an extraordinary path that began in his home town of Shenyang and is now the subject of a best-selling biography “A journey of a Thousand Miles”. The young pianist is inspiring. He takes the piano to a new audience and acts as a source of new vocations. The young pianist is generous and gladly gives his time to the causes that are close to his heart. He has been a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF since 2004 and a United Nations Messenger of Peace since 2013. In 2007, he created his “Lang Lang Music Foundation” to help prodigious young pianists throughout the world. In 2015, he gave his name and his image to the fight against illegal sales of elephant ivory. The origins of his first name and surname predestined him for greatness. His first name – L ng– means ‘sunlight” and his surname–Láng – means “man of culture”. After playing in the world’s biggest concert halls, Lang Lang melds his art by playing one-off, improvised, private concerts for Hublot. Expressing himself in venues as original as the Grandes Complications workshops in Hublot’s factory in Nyon, or pop-up locations like the Harrods Store in Porto Cervo, the White Hotel in St-Tropez, or the Quantum of the Seas boat, his music is finding its place in history.