Top Realtors in Miami

The Top Realtors in Miami also are lucky. There are to many reason to love this sunshine city and The Jills know it better than any body. Just to mention one of the most popular Luxury Realtors in Miami County.

What is the perfect time to buy a house in Miami?

The perfect time to buy a home or rent an apartment in Miami is one of the most vital financial decisions most people often make by themselves, yet other think finding the real estate agent will be the best option for their needs.

They choose the top realtors in Miami based on the recommendation from a friend or via the newspaper ads. But making the choice of the right agent in Miami can save you time, effort and aggravation attached to searching for the right home at an affordable price or selling your home quickly for top dollar.

With every available tools and advice ranging from books and magazines to online advice like this lesson – you will be able to easily buy your home almost completely without requiring the assistance of real estate professionals.

Top Realtors in Miami, Florida

It is always important to choose the Top realtors in Miami and city where you choose to invest!

Here is our advice:

Lots of new projects are coming up in Miami and some of them are grabbing global attention, bringing comfort, style, and innovative lifestyle to Miami. To make everything quite easy for you, we have done the hard work and here are list of the top realtors in Miami…

RE/MAX – You’re in the perfect place!

Sunny Island Miami - Top Realtors in Miami
Abbreviation as “Real Estate Maximums,” RE/MAX started out in 1973. The company in its 40 years of existence has grown to include 90,000 sales agents, working in authorized-owned, operated offices in over 85 countries. As a widely recognized name in real estate, RE/MAX records over 48 million hits to its websites every year. To crown it all, RE/MAX is reputed as one of the most productive real estate sales forces in the country. A survey made by Real Trends 500, a popular residential real estate ranking, RE/MAX was acclaimed on the top 18 positions. It also had its space on the top 50 list, snagging the 44 spots.

Century 21 – Peace of mind anytime you sell or buy

century 21 top realtors in MiamiAs one of the industry’s reputable and well-recognized brand- Century 21 operates globally all through Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. They own an approximately 7,000 independently, operated broker offices, with 100,000 associates all over 73 countries in the world. Century 21 has to take the time to build up itself as a top e-marketing and recently came out as one of the industry’s most respected brands for the 14th year in a row, according to a global market research firm Millward Brown. Ever since its website has been optimized for enhanced functionality, has outpaced growth rates as compared to Realtor®, Zillow and Trulia between April 2011-2012.


Keller Williams Realty, Inc. – fast-growing real estate company

keller-williams-top-realtors-in-MiamiWith the number one rank as the best agency in the U.S. by agent count with over 80,000 sales associates, Keller Williams Realty, Inc. is a real estate force that should never be underestimated. A 2012 account for profitability recorded Keller Williams 91% profit in its nationwide offices. Keller Williams recently opened franchises in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Southern Africa. They are as well planning to further expand its reach into Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey. Recently, J.D. Power and Associates chose Keller Williams for the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction” among home buyers and sellers. In addition, Keller Williams got the number 9 position in the Top 150 Work Places as the only national real estate company that came out successful.

Coldwell Banker – offering a full range of real estate

coldwell-banker-top-realtors-in-MiamiFounded more than a century ago in San Francisco 1906, Coldwell Banker is richly blessed with a great history of offering trusted and reliable real estate services to its clients. The company has a total worldwide associate sales force of 82,000, with a total of 3,100 offices in 50 countries and territories. Coldwell Banker is famous for providing a top notch service, which started with its agent training. In its annual Training Top 125 poll, Training magazine ranked Coldwell banker in third place along with Jiffy Lube, Verizon, Farmers Insurance and CHG Healthcare Services.

ERA Real Estate – combining insight and ingenuity

era-real-estate-Miami-FloridaERA, operated by Realogy stands out for Electronic Realty Associates. ERA is regarded as the parent company of Century 21, Coldwell Banker and Sotheby’s International Realty. Starting out in 1971, ERA was inspired to champion a then-novel technology, the facsimile, to bring real estate services to increase its efficiency of functionality. Since the advent of ERA 42 years ago, it has grown to bolster 32,000 sales agents all over the world, in 2,400 owned and operated franchises. ERA has its offices located in 46 states, and 36 countries and territories all around the world. In 2012, ERA expanded its reach into Turkey. They maintained their promise of delivering effective industry innovations, this time via their website, This site received honors in 2012 from IAVA, the International Academy of the Visual Arts and Inman News. With ERA’s recent partnership with in 2013, ERA will improve its social media functionality, effective community data reporting, as well as a real-time broadcast of property listings.


Sotheby’s International Realty: Luxury Real Estate

Sothebys-international-realty-Miami-FloridaThe original Sotheby’s Auction House was founded in 1744, but Sotheby’s International Realty® materialized in 1976. After forming a strategic alliance with Realogy in 2004, Sotheby’s was finally able to provide franchise opportunities to choose real estate brokerages. Over the years, after expanding across the U.S., in 2006 Sotheby’s extended over to New Zealand, Spain, and Switzerland. The business is highly considered and characterized as special, maintaining a high net worth customer base. There are lots of residential sales for Sotheby’s ranging from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.



Corcoran – the preferred residential real estate agents

corcoran-group-real-estate-Miami-FloridaFounded in 1973, Corcoran hosted its now-famous “One Day Sale.” This best referred to as a gimmick, which real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran pulled off in 1991, really helped her sell 81 apartments within a short period of 24-hour. Her strategy was to take collections of properties around the city and sell to her agents’ best friends all at the same price. In 1995, their website went up and came out to be one of the first online portals for the real estate industry.

Now, Corcoran is one of the privately owned residential real estate firms in the New York City. Providing their quality Service to the New York City area (including Brooklyn and the Hamptons), Corcoran has a total of 32 offices with 2,200 agents. While those numbers don’t seem impressive, the business commands a lot of revenue, recording over $18 billion annual sales.

Camden Property Trust

Camden – developing and managing communities

Professionals, when it comes to owning, managing, developing, acquiring, and disposing of multifamily residential apartment communities, Camden Property Trust is fast becoming U.S’s one of the biggest publicly traded companies of its kind. Carmen owns and operates over 192 properties with nearly 65,000 apartments in the four walls of United States. Camden is passionate about maintaining a diverse portfolio of top quality apartment structures. Furthermore, Camden Property Trust prioritizes a dynamic, proactive, and vibrant work environment for all its employees. Benefits ranges from a discounted renting space for workers, and a hefty 401(k) match off, to a minimum degree of 50% of up to 7% allocation. Just of recent, Fortune Magazine honored Camden Property Trust as one of the top 100 Companies to Work For.

Better Homes and Gardens – International real estate

Recording over 7600 sales associates as well as a total of 240 offices in Canada and the U.S., Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate is worth being rated as the best real estate agency. Originally launched in 1978 by the Meredith Corporation — a top purveyor of quality media and marketing in the United state. — Better Homes and Gardens has earned a reputation as one of the best brands, partially due to its kinship with a magazine sharing the same name. In 2008, this real estate firm entered into a new franchise system, which further helps to boost up their ranks.

Zillow – Online Real Estate search tool and considered one of the best References to find the Top Realtors in Miami

Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink are former executives of Microsoft who also started Expedia. They started out the online portal in 2005 and ever since, the company has experienced vast growth. Certainly, Zillow is a website and could not in any way compared to typical real estate agency. But when Zillow joined hand together with Yahoo! Homes in 2011, it started to become the largest online real estate network, according to comScore, Inc., a famous business analytics company. Zillow has been able to show its uniqueness in that it ensures that every user with tools and applications to independently make real estate decisions. Not just via their informative blog, but also through “living database” that covers over 110 million homes across the U.S.