Most Expensive Perfumes In The World

Perfumes  are an essential part of every person’s accessories. The mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents has been known to exist in some of the earliest human civilizations and through the years, fragrances like Fiori di Capri, Eau de Lubin, Blenheim Bouquet, Violette Précieuse, Bellodgia, Eau d’Hermès, Équipage, Obsession, Hugo, Dolce Vita, Coco Mademoiselle, Versace Man, Euphoria, L’Homme, Elixir, Bleu de Chanel have been classic names of many of the most famous perfumes brands worldwide.

Recognizing the top most expensive perfumes in the world should be made not forgetting that a perfome can reflect the personality of the person. Many designers have earned the title of creating the most expensive fragrances in the world because they have chosen to use the best ingredients and have taken the precise time to crystallize them until they have reached the desired stage of scent. Choosing a fragrance that really adjusts to your personality or taste will always be a unique experience, but the timeless and luxurious fragrances made out of rare flowers actually pay off.

Top Most Expensive Perfumes In The World

special aromas and long-lasting fragrances
  1. Clive Christian Imperial Majesty Perfume: the world’s most expensive perfume and British Luxury Interiors is a limited edition of the signature scent. Sold simply as No. 1, the fragrance is priced at $2,150 an ounce. Christian, a British designer-turned-perfumer, poured 16.9 ounces of No. 1 into a Baccarat crystal bottle, stuck a five-carat diamond into the 18-carat gold collar and unveiled it at Harrods in London. In comes in three scents for both men and women.
  2. Les Larmes Sacrées de Thèbes: Baccarat is known among perfume aficionados and Les Larmes Sacrées de Thèbes collection seduces and enraptures, allowing the perfumer unrestrained choice in materials and composition. Listed as “One of the World’s Most Expensive Perfumes” Thebes translates as “The Sacred Tears of Thebes” and it retails at over thousands of dollars for an ounce at Harrods in London. The Bottle is shaped like a pyramid and a composition with the aroma of incense that includes frankincense and myrrh.
  3. Chanel Grand Extrait: Chanel, the high fashion house that specializes in haute couture and ready-to-wear clothes, luxury goods and fashion accessories created whose perfume is considered the world’s most iconic, is created through the use of molds and placed in a hand-assembled, artisan-crafted case. The Grand Extrait bottle is really a collector’s piece. The now and forever fragrance, in its rarest, most collectible form. With a very limited quantity available, the grand flaçon of N°5 is a treasure for the parfum connoisseur and fragrance collector alike. Its fabled heritage and abstract, eternally sensual bouquet are further elevated by this grand presentation — the classic faceted bottle, secured by means of baudruchage, a masterful sealing technique perfected by CHANEL.
  4. Caron’s Poivre: a Caron fragrance by famous Parfums Caron house from Paris made in collaboration with Michel Morsetti is a legendary French perfume and it is a fine composition of extracts in legendary Baccarat crystal fountains. True to the French High Perfumery tradition, Caron has risen successfully  to the challenge and restored the art of perfumery. Caron’s Poivre is a mix of pepper, clove, geranium rose base, jasmine, tuberose and carnation bouquet.