MIAMI 2020 has predicted one of the fastest growing economies in the USA

Get inspired by Miami 2020: Investing in the future of the great city of Miami won’t just guarantee a booming future, but also speedily improve the growth of its local economy. The vision is “MIAMI 2020”. Overall, the excitement and development brewing in this amazing land of Miami runs much deeper in confidentially providing a stable and bright future for anyone that will call this great city home.



Historically, Miami is well known for its stunning beaches, international finance and fun-filled nightlife. However, this day, people from all walks of life are choosing Miami as the ultimate destination of residence after putting into consideration their industry, culture and entertainment.

Miami has been tagged the wall street of the south because its business and commerce has stretched along the Latin America, South America, Caribbean and beyond.

Some data makes Miami a highlighted city for investors and investment focus:

  • 13.9 Million Visitors a Year. The second mos visited city in the United States only surpassed by NYC with around 30 Million visitors the last year 2015.
  • 4 Million Cruises from Miami
  • One of the most transited Airport in USA
  • More than 1000 Corporate Headquarters
  • More that 32% of Insurance and Finance Industry

Here are some few upcoming projects that guarantee the realism of Miami 2020:

skyrise miami oficial pageSkyrise Miami

By the year 2020, Skyrise Miami will be an outstanding 1000 FT height, entertainment, and observation tower. St Louis has the gateway Arch, Seattle has the space needle. Obviously, it’s like skyrise Miami will be next. This great 1,000-foot observation will also contain a well-structured amusement park style ride that will quickly drop people down its side, a ballroom, 550-foot bungee jump, awesome movie theatre, and of course because it’s Miami, a nightclub. Official Page Skyrise Project in Miami.

Miami 2020: Brickell World Center located at 600 Brickell Avenue

Brickell World Center

Brickell City Center

This developing 1 billion Brickell City Center is a future economic catalyst to look forward to. This great mega project will feature 5.4 million square feet of residential, office, hotel, entertainment and retail space. Brickell City Center also features a progressive climate ribbon architectural that will function as a climate control strategy so shoppers will comfortably walk between restaurants and stores.

Miami World Center

Miami World Center can well be described as one of the biggest private well-planned projects in the USA, featuring I million square feet of various hotels, shopping center, luxury residence and convention center. By 2020, this project will be an ongoing dream turned into reality. Official Page Miami World Center.

One Thousand Museum by Zaha Hadid

You will come across a 1000 museum in the neighborhood corridor of Biscayne Bay. This wonderful museum is a true masterpiece and a long-term vision of Zaha Hadid, a renowned architect of our time. With the presence of helipad, this wonderful futuristic marvel will be a very special of its kind in the western hemisphere.

The New Miami Design District

The not too shabby new Miami Design District will offer entertainment and awesome luxury street dinning to the streets of the design districts with cooperation between LVMH and Dacra. The Miami Design District, a once ignored and abandoned cluster of furniture warehouse is going through a rebirth process and claiming its stake as a top-notch global design and fashion hub with a stunning display of new storefronts containing luxurious names such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, tom ford and lot more others.

As Miami continues to increase in growth and popularity as the perfect destination for everyone, the Miami 2020 dream is finally making its own waves and becoming not just a dream but a reality.

Miami 2020: Video of Miami Downtown in the near Future

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