Luxury Real Estate in Naples

What makes the Luxury Real Estate in Naples one of the most attractive live investment for millionaires?

Luxury Real Estate in Naples has become one of the most popular investment real estate market in USA.

The Luxury Real Estate is a market that only millionaires can afford. But even having the found to invest many factors are taken in consideration before buy a million property anywhere in the World.

Naples is a flourishing city with a lot of multi-millionaires in various fields. Well known for it’s opulent and condescending lifestyle, Naples is the place to be when you are looking for a luxury getaway adorned with the own sensuality and tranquility of this beautiful beach corner in the state of Florida. Where a beach sunset becomes and spectacle to admire every day of the year.

Naples is a small beach city or town, and one of the best places for retire or relax. Surrounded by other beautiful connected islands, towns and beaches like Bonita Spring, Fort Mayers beach, Cape Coral,  and it is even close to Marco Island as well.

The 5th Avenue in Naples is Luxurous street to walk through get acquainted with the hospitality of the people Naples.

The city of Naples is widely popular to tourist because of it’s huge proximity to some of nature’s finest islands and places, an example is the Everglades and ten thousand island.

It is also home to some of the fortune 1000 companies in the world which makes real estate in Naples up to standard and with great value. Because of it’s huge population of retirees, Naples flourishes with a lot of recreational facilities.


Mansions in Naples

Mansions in Naples

As soon as you step into the luxury real estate in Naples, you will be greeted with rows of mansions and expensive properties that would suit your taste. Buildings are going up on a daily basis and some of them are highbrow mansions costing millions of dollars. In Naples, this type of view doesn’t leave your sight until you are out of the city.

Top 5 Luxury Mansions listed for sale in Naples

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 Neighborhood and communities of Naples

The population of Naples might not be the largest, but it is the second city with the highest number of millionaires while it’s per capita income is sixth in the country.

The city of Naples boost of flourishing communities and neighborhood, the serenity obtains therein can be compared to anywhere else in the world.

Favourable climatic conditions in Naples

Naples is known to have an excellent climatic condition all year round. It doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer, it is always fun to live in Naples. Lots of water on the beaches, tropical rainfall now and then. Expansive golf courses to take a swing and much more.

It is home to some of the most popular celebrities in USA like; Sean Hannity and Barbara Walter

Periodically the city host celebrity benefits and other charity functions on its calendar. Most of them are used to raise money for fewer privilege kids in Naples during the year. Recently golf and tennis courses have been earmarked for charity events as well in Naples.

We could go on and on about this beautiful city, but nothing beats finding out about it yourself.