Backes & Strauss Are Masters of Diamonds

The oldest diamond dealers int he world, Backes & Strauss, was founded by German immigrant businessmen Georg Carl Backes and Max Strauss. Since 1789, every round, brilliant diamond used at Backes & Strauss is an Ideal Cut diamond, designed to emanate optimum fire and brilliance with perfect symmetry and proportions.

Backes & Strauss are Masters of Diamonds and their diamond expertise has spanned the globe. The clean clarity of the Backes and Strauss diamonds used are the extremely rare flawless / VVS+ with the near perfect color collection F+.

History & Heritage! Masters of Diamonds since 1789

Backes & Strauss specialties are Luxury Watchmaking, High Jewellery, Accessories. They produce elegant timepieces featuring diamonds of the finest quality custom cut into shapes, polished and then hand set to perfection with unique watch collections: The Berkeley. The Piccadilly, The Regent and the Victoria. These are  some of the most exquisite and precious diamond-set watches and jewellery you are ever likely to see. Backes & Strauss pays tribute to its London roots with the names of its three watch collections The watches take their names from the squares and streets that are the heritage of the Prince Regent who transformed London with his vision for a more elegant city with sweeping avenues and an architecture of clean lines guided by classical rigor.

At Backes & Strauss, diamonds are fundamental to the design of our watches. They embody all the luxury you want to see in a watch and continue to innovate diamond cutting techniques for producing some of the most exquisite designs.