The Artist Chen Man at Hublot

The Artist Chen Man became new Hublot Ambasador last 5th of June

Glamorous Fusion of Feminine Pioneering Spirit and Graceful Art of Light and Shadow 

When flowing time is captured in a moment, the art is loaded with the light and shadow of change and imagination of life and dynamics, a special interpretation of Hublot’s brand philosophy, “Art of Fusion”. On 2015 June 5th, Hublot Loves Art is captured in another glamorous moment. The brand welcomes a new ambassador from the world of art – Chen Man, the international visual artist. In her unique female artist’s perspective, she fuses fashion and art, creating a series of extraordinary visual art pieces.  Chen Man is the first female Chinese ambassador of the brand, showing Hublot’s strategic vision for the high-end female market in China.

As a world-renowned visual artist, Chen Man’s unique style has won her many awards in the international arena and become indisputably Top 1 in her own right. She has worked with various front-line media, home and abroad, for covers, capturing light and shadow with her fine, subtle and sensitive instinct that is specially gifted to women, bestowing unprecedented charm and character to already well-known faces.  She fuses Chinese traditional philosophical culture and modern fashion, two concepts that seems contradictory, thusly, becomes a unique explorer of Chinese modern visual art. With her extraordinary imagination and creativity, Chen man interpreted Hublot’s brand spirit of “be the first, unique and different” in the best possible way, making her the best choice as brand ambassador.

At the press conference, Chen Man shared her view of visual art as a female artist, unveiled her own visual commercial for Hublot. Wearing the Big Bang Jeans Carat set with baguettes, Chen Man sits in front of the Chinese classic architecture. The commercial perfectly reflects the fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics.

The cooperation between Chen Man and Hublot goes way back. She has personal shot three brand ambassadors of Hublot. In Chen Man’s lens, the luring sexiness of Big Bang Embroidery on the wrist of Bar Refaeli, the international super model, contradicts intensively with her eyes, calm and strong, radiating irresistible feminine charm. In the Big Bang Unico Italian Independent photo shoot featuring Mr. Lapo Elkann, Chairman and Co-Founder of Italian Independent, Chen Man revealed the rebel in the body of this business legend. Her collaboration with Lang Lang is even more breath-taking. Wearing Big Bang Carbon Bezel Baguette, Lang Lang passionately sites on the piano. Respect for tradition while persistent in innovation is Chen Man’s interpretation of Lang Lang. Three pieces all revealed Chen Man’s shrewdness and dedication as a female visual artist. She depicts moment of art with her impeccable skills and boldly experiment unprecedented artistic ideas.

Mr. Loic Biver, General Manager of Hublot of the Greater China welcomes Chen Man joining in the Hublot family, Chen Man said, “I’m proud to be the brand ambassador of Hublot. I love the brand not only out of its respect for watchmaking traditions and persistence in innovation but also because the brand’s spirit coincides perfectly with mine. The power of fusion brings greater tension into art pieces and increases the depth of thinking. The brand philosophy of Hublot keeps me exploring, realizing my dream of art.”