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CITY & LUXURY is the Online Magazine that refers high-end consumers to find a touch of luxury by cities.


Coming on strong in the market as probably the most extensive Online Magazine for in-depth topics related to a luxurious lifestyle in the world. Spanning around Print & Digital content distribution, CITY & LUXURY is focused on the trending interests of consumers keen on great comfort, wealth, and sumptuous environments.


CITY & LUXURY is an innovative approach to marketing luxury brands to produce impressive results, even in challenging markets. Because we are passionate about providing the ultimate service experience to our readers, the goal of CITY & LUXURY Online and Print Magazines is to deliver a path to promoting luxury with a strong visual impact that can excel and rank a luxury brand to its highest level of demand..



Headquarter Offices:
Address: 1395 BRICKELL AVE SUITE 720 Miami, Fl 33131
Phone: (561) 601-6125

Office Hours:
Mon-Sat 9am – 6pm

Our Team


Ronel Alvarez 
Founder  / Product Manager / Editor in chief
Phone: (561) 601-6125
email: ronel@cityandluxury.com

Dante Ruiz
Product Manager & Editor
Phone: (305) 903-6611
email: dante@mmsagency.com

Maite Vega
Editor & Writer
Phone: (786) 515-4879

email: maite.v@cityandluxury.com

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CITY & LUXURY The Magazine


All the luxury around you can be indexed in a website with the intention of granting you access to search and quickly come across the best and most exotic places on this planet, fashion & arts, featured articles, travel destinations, your bucket-list hotels, the most rare and expensive items in the world, luxury vehicles and accessories, a lifestyle sought by the exquisite taste of many and much more.


It will be a unique insight with a deep detailed content to elevate our reader’s experience.

CITY & LUXURY is scheduled to be a 120 pages magazine published every quarter that a beacon to millions worldwide when it comes to high-end places, exotic travel destinations, indulging lifestyle, high-value suggestions on products like sports cars, jewelry, watches, real estate, yachts, private jets and much more.


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Editor’s Desk
Phone: (561) 601-6125
or by Email: editor@cityandluxury.com

For advertising opportunities, please contact us at mails@cityandluxury.com.  Our Online products can accurately target a market so adequately related to the brand of our business “Luxury”.


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